Our Mission

We believe that the most preventable health problems (chronic conditions) shouldn't be the leading causes of death and disability.

We believe that the US healthcare system is full of inefficiencies in both the flow of data, and design.

We believe that the future of healthcare is accessibility, transparency, and personalization. We strongly believe these factors will drive better health outcomes.

That is why our mission is to empower providers with the digital tools necessary to make health data more accessible, transparent, and personalized.

Why do customers choose us?

Unified Experience

We build digital tools that help your organization measure, understand, and act to prevent chronic diseases, all within one simple-to-use platform.


Our web and mobile apps look and feel like the consumer apps participants use on a daily basis. It takes a screener only 10 minutes to learn our system. It takes less than a week to fully integrate our solution into your organization.


Our platform is modular, meaning you can go with one or all of our products. Each product was built to be customizable. This includes white-labeling, the Health Risk Assessment, the Screening Form, and everything in between.


It’s 21st century. 68% of Americans own a smartphone and 73% own a laptop. More and more employees are expecting to view and share their results online and on mobile. Clovi leads rather than follows trends.

Customer Support

Clovi provides unlimited 24/7 phone and email support, and all inquiries are answered within 24 hours.