Make actionable decisions faster

Third-party administrators (TPAs) and brokers see a faster turnaround time for biometrics, allowing them to make actionable decisions faster. Real-time results course-correct failing wellness programs, prevent serious conditions from developing, and reduce care gaps.

Add value to your clients

We provide best in-class offline availability, User Experience is amazing. Welcome to 21st century. Collect informed consent, schedule appointments, and have it ready to go in your app. HIPAA-compliant and Secure. Removes paper: No need to ship results

Accelerate turnaround time

Today's employer demand near-realtime results reporting. Is your organization ready? Clovi's platform delivers individual and aggregate results in seconds (not hours, days, or weeks). We integrate with 100's of wellness providers and TPAs, allowing you to impress your clients with instant turnaround time.

Numbers that speak for themselves


Screeners that use our software end up reaping the benefits of high marks from employees.


We help screeners maintain low wait times so that employees rate them highly.


Almost all employees think a screening event with Clovi is better than one without

Add value to your wellness program with Clovi

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