Why should I use Clovi?

How we do it?

Health Testing Program Administration

Streamline your health screenings and flu clinics by digitzing the process before, during and after an event.

  • Modern and easy-to-use scheduler

  • On-site data collection

  • Real-time individual and aggregate reports

  • HIPAA-compliant and High Trust ready



Vendor Performance Analytics

Dashboard to track participation across all your Health & Wellness vendors.

  • Flexible upload capabilities

  • Geo-fencing capabilities to track participation in facility-based vendors

  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly performance reports

  • Direct integration with your existing vendors

  • Vendor Net Promoter Score (VNPS) based on employee feedback

  • Recommendation Engine to suggest new vendors

Communication Management

Increase participation and enrollment using targeted communications.

  • Segment by text, email, print, or push and deploy target communications

  • Employee Surveys to measure the pulse of your population

  • One dashboard to manage all communication channels



Adaptive Incentive Management

Optimize your incentive design using Big Data and Behavior Psychology

  • Tracks 1000's of actions responsible for healthy behavior change

  • Proprietary AI/ML algorithms to personalize incentives to each employee's profile

  • Adaptive algorithms based on latest behavioral psychology research

  • Integration with wearables, 3rd-party Rewards programs and 3rd-party Wellness Portals 

Become data-driven with Clovi

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