Accelerate Outcomes with Digital Coaching

Imagine if you could leverage digital tools to scale your most effective health improvement programs to drive better outcomes and improve Return-On-Investment for your clients. That is the power of Clovi.


Engage the right person, at the right time, in the right format

Lifestyle changes are hard. It's harder if the recommendations are paper handouts or are stored in outdated web portals. Simplify your coaching programs by organizing and sharing your material through web and mobile apps that participants use on a daily basis. Use Clovi's engagement tracking features to see who is engaging and who is not, and target interventions sooner rather than later.



Continuous, not episodic, care

By aggregating data from biometrics, connected devices, and engagement monitoring, Clovi becomes the one place for health coaches to track lifestyle changes as they're happening in real-time. HIPAA-compliant messaging UI allows for streamlined communications between the coach and participant to intervene sooner rather than later. Combined together, health promotion companies see improved engagement and better health outcomes.



How does Clovi accelerate outcomes?

Mobile app for participants

Central place for all content

Easy-to-use and instantly available


Notes, Comments and Timeline

Seamless integration with health screenings

Track notes and comments across the whole care team


Educational Content Module

Fully customizable content library

Track content engagement through clicks and opens



Real-time messaging with participants

Natural communication for improved engagement


Wearables Integration

Integration with over 100 wearables

Robust Natural Language Processing and filtering



Engagement Reports

Outcomes Reports

Aggregate Reports

Improve Outcomes with Clovi

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