Why should I use Clovi?

Improve Operations

Our software is completely customizable to fit your brand and designed to handle every step of the process for you. Everything from participant scheduling and data collection to communications and specialized results, all in one place.

  • Reduce Turnaround time
    • While screening participants get and immediate results as well as access to instant aggregate reports. This allows you to provide a teachable moment at the point of care with the potential to sign people for wellness programs as they are getting screened.
  • Secure data storage repository (Paper Free)

    • Paper creates administrative burden before, during and after an event. Leverage Clovis software platform to sign up participants, collect informed consent, and more.

  • Incorporate client’s branding

    • Allow companies to use your product but make it look like it's in their own style with the option to include their their branding.

Close More Business 

Distinguishing yourself has never been so easy. Instantly modernize your company with a clean customer facing single sign on solution. Instantly provide results for a teachable moment at the point of care.

  • Customizable platform that meets client demands
    • Say goodbye to the one size fits all solutions that don’t make your life easier. Clovi’s customization options make it easy for you not us!
  • eaningful aggregate and cohort reporting
    • rovide a clear information informing your clientele how to improve overall health and give individuals the tools to take their health into their own hands.
  • Industry leading customer experience
    • ase of use is a top priority for Clovi which makes our software simple and easy to use for everyone!




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