The Platform for Improved Health Outcomes

The Clovi platform is based on the idea that to effectively prevent chronic conditions at the population level, there must be a unified experience across the three stages of prevention: Measure, Understand, Act. The Clovi team created this platform to provide such experience through modern digital tools and engaging user experiences.  


By using our platform, health promotion companies maximize participant engagement and see improved health outcomes. The result is a healthier population, and positive Return-On-Investment for decision-makers.

Clovi helps multiple stakeholders in healthcare:

Screeners Health Coaches Individuals Employers
Online and Offline Data Collection
Health Risk Assessment
Real-time Reports
Third-party Integrations
Web & Mobile Messaging Interface HIPAA-compliant communication
Population Engagement and Outcomes Tracking
Historical data of health metrics

How do we do it?



Simplify health screening events and effectively measure your population with flexible and engaging outreach tools. Eliminate paper to improve participation rates and reduce turnaround time.



Provide individuals with year-over-year, real-time, color-coded results at the point of care. Instantly share aggregate reports with decision makers to understand population risks.



Achieve positive health outcomes by connecting biometrics to target interventions via digital coaching tools. Seamless integration and engaging mobile apps.

Improve your operations with Clovi

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