The Clovi Platform helps health organizations collect, store and manage sensitive data in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Once it's collected, we help organizations make sense of the data through powerful analytics dashboard and interactive aggregate reports. The result is increased engagement, better insights, improved ROI, and lower healthcare costs.

Secure & HIPAA-compliant data storage

Clovi, first and foremost, is a software company focusing on secure, HIPAA-compliant data storage. We use state-of-the-art encryption, TLS enforcement, and HIPAA compliance to keep your data secure.

Data Collection and Analytics Dashboard


Clovi's web and mobile apps provide a high quality and engaging experience for all stakeholders involved in healthcare. We work with large hospitals, small clinical labs, small startups and large employers to improve their health data collection efforts and better understand ROI through in-depth Aggregate and Cohort Reports, and Year-over-Year trends.

User Portal


Clovi aims to bring healthcare into the 21st century by removing paper from the process and creating an engaging experience for all stakeholders.