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Introducing CloviFlow

CloviFlow helps clinical screening companies collect, store and manage health data in a HIPAA-compliant manner. CloviFlow eliminates the paper process, dramatically increasing screening efficiency while providing an engaging and human centered user experience for their clients.


Whether you have existing eligibility files or past years of Excel data, CloviFlow accepts any data format and instantly integrates it into your new workflow.


CloviFlow is used by all kinds of screening companies, from small to large. Our versatile platform can meet your unique business needs. 


No two businesses are alike. That's why CloviFlow doesn't wedge you into cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we work with you to create a solution that accelerates your business success.

Secure & HIPAA

CloviFlow uses state-of-the-art encryption, TLS enforcement, and HIPAA compliance to keep your data secure.

Great Customer Support

We believe our success is defined by our customers' success. That's why we're committed to great customer support to ensure CloviFlow benefits your business.

Mobile & on-the-go

Whether you're on-site in a Fortune 500 worksite, or out in the field with limited reception, CloviFlow has you covered. We're your mobile EHR.


Event Management

Create single or multiple-day events at single or multiple locations with on-site or remote screening. The possibilities are endless.


Our appointment scheduler is easy to understand and pleasant to use. 

Aggregate Report

Deliver in-depth aggregate reports that stakeholders want to see. Impress with Year-over-Year trend charts.

Automated Reminders

CloviFlow handles sending confirmation and reminder emails to all qualified participants. 

Health Risk Assessment

Engage users with a high-engagement assessment that increases participation rates at screening events.

Individual Report

Deliver screening results in real-time via email and an engaging user portal. Distribute and track engagement with your educational materials.