Simplest way to go digital with your screening events


Imagine if you could deliver a modern, paper-free health screening experience for your clients that includes scheduling, automated communications, on-site data collection, and powerful reporting features, in a beautiful interface for participants, and an intuitive interface for your workforce. That is Clovi.

Clovi provides industry's most intuitive data collection and event management tool that works both online and offline across web, Android and iOS.

Eliminate back-office data entry

Paper creates administrative burden before, during and after an event. Leverage Clovi's platform to sign up participants and collect informed consent, screen and display personalized results, and instantly view aggregate reports.

Accelerate turnaround time

Today's employer demand near-realtime results reporting. Is your organization ready? Clovi's platform delivers individual and aggregate results in seconds (not hours, days, or weeks). We integrate with 100's of wellness providers and TPAs, allowing you to impress your clients with instant turnaround time.

Not tech-savvy? No problem

Transitioning your organization to digital operations is a big undertaking. That's why Clovi's best feature is our focus on design and user experience. We craft interfaces that take nurses only 10 minutes to start using comfortably, and we have experience transitioning screening companies small, and large, to digital operations. 

How does Clovi help me?

Clovi has helped companies small and large transition their operations digitally. Here are just a few ways this has helped them:

  • Increased participant rates
  • 60% cost savings
  • Reduce transcription errors
  • Competitive edge through better user experience and faster turnaround time 

The numbers speak for themselves


Screeners that use our software end up reaping the benefits of high marks from employees.


We help screeners maintain low wait times so that employees rate them highly.


Almost all employees think a screening event with Clovi is better than one without

Plenty of powerful features:


HIPAA-compliant and enterprise-grade security

No internet required

No servers, no wires, no dongles. Simply tablets.

Takes 10 minutes to learn

Works on iOS, Android or web

Printable on-site or shareable by email




Works on all platforms: web, iOS, Android

Automated confirmation and reminders


Single-Sign On


Real-time feedback for individuals

Results available via web, iOS and Android

Instant Year-over-Year charts

Real-time aggregate reports for employers

Printable or shareable online

Portal for employers for streamlined communication


Ability to integrate your own



Do you have an existing data collection solution?

Clovi offers a vastly different user experience and features from our competitors, often at better price points. If your solution is not customizable, your integration is taking more than 1 month, or you're seeing pushback from your workforce, then consider learning more about how Clovi is different.

Digitize your screening events with Clovi

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