What can Clovi do for me?

Our software platform streamlines distinct workflows into one solution so wellness vendors can focus on execution and grow with confidence.

Eliminate Data Silos

Import historical data and leverage Clovi’s intelligent merge algorithms to create a single source of truth for all your clients, events, and participants. Connect screening data with coaching data through one simple button click.

Improve Operations

Setup and manage events, coaching sessions, and flu clinics in seconds, not hours. Participants sign up for appointments through a modern user experience, and data is synchronized with no tedious importing/exporting.


Save time and improve productivity

Let your staff focus on more strategic initiatives, such as targeted interventions or improved marketing campaigns, than performing tedious data entry.

Eliminate paper from the process

Sign informed consent, manage appointments, collect biomarkers, and run reports without ever touching paper.

Attract New Clients

Meet and exceed ever-changing client demands and differentiate through improved participant experience and powerful aggregate reporting.


Lead with superb experience

Participants use a single portal for scheduling, confirming, and viewing results across health screening, health coaching and flu clinics. Deliver real-time individual results through email or print.

Become a trusted advisor to clients

Empower your client to effectively communicate and justify wellness ROI by providing the right reports, in the right format, at the right time.


Data Collection

  • Intuitive workflows for health screeners, coaches, and nurses
  • Reliable Mobile Data Collection with Offline Capability
  • Scheduler with Eligibility Checks
  • Customizable Forms and Assessments

Data Management

  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant Data Management
  • Flexible Event, Client and Program Management
  • Robust Exporting to Excel and TPAs in the desired format with API access
  • LabCorp Integration


  • Modern and shareable Aggregate Reporting for Clients
  • Mobile-optimized portal for individuals to securely view their results